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No moon or planets

Years ago, I did a Moon series with 2000mm strapped to the front of my Nikon.  Poor seeing conditions, but a lot of fun.  It was something I’d wanted to try, and it planted the seed for wanting to really try my had at astrophotography.  Well, that time finally arrived with last week’s full Moon.

I borrowed a friends 900mm refractor with variable projection camera adapter, and another friend’s D300.  T-mount in hand and Mac tethered to the camera, I was ready.  Once I sighted the scope on the Moon, obviously the largest and brightest thing in the sky, I was excited.  There was more detail than with my old camera setup.  Looking at the edge of the disk, the craters really stood out with high relief.  Time for the camera setup.

Now was the moment of truth.  False.  Nothing but a big, fuzzy bright spot.  I added an eyepiece to the camera adapter.  It didn’t even seem to fit.  Futilely, I tried to focus.  I was getting cold.  To google…

I’ve confirmed that the camera adapter supports both prime-focal and eyepiece projection configurations.  There was also mention that it supported any eyepiece of from a certain series.  I found myself on the B&H site buying one.  It came in yesterday, and last night, I was back outside.  Again, the eyepiece didn’t seem to fit, nor could I focus.  I couldn’t even see the illuminated telephone pole some 500-1000 feet away when the camera was attached.

So far, no Moon, no Mars, no Jupiter.  I will get this to work, but maybe not for another three weeks.


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