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Trees and shadows

I finally made it out!  A WINDY 17 degrees under a full moon.  Two sheets of FP5, 150mm wide open, and nothing but a dim, grey fuzz on the glass.  The moon became my focusing aid.  Almost there, a little more, stop.  The moon’s in focus; infinity stops.  Here’s where the guess work comes in.

The camera’s lowered into position to what I can only hope is well composed.  Preview’s closed.  First sheet, one second.  Second sheet, two seconds.

Now, as I thaw, the waiting begins.  When will I get toes sheets in for processing?  Then, there’s the time ’till they’re done, and I pick them up.  I guess it doesn’t really matter what ends up on those negatives.  I dusted off my camera, loaded the film holder, and took two pictures.


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Ice Glow


We’ve been having winter this winter.  Big ol’ ice dams = big ol’ icicles.  I knocked them off several time, but they just kept coming back.  In between one of my futile attempts to get rid of the ice, my wife and I got new phones, bringing us into the current century.  I had to try out my new toy, a.k.a., the 8MP camera.  Mind you, this is my first piece of digital photo gear. Here’s what kept forming by the front door.  The late day sun turned them into light pipes.

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Snow dreams

As I sit watching snow cover of weekly winter events and the parking lot mounds start to melt like our receding glaciers, my cameras and film sit languishing.  The thoughts of eminent nighttime refreeze chills my ambitions of tramping around with my gear as flurries gently dance outside my window.  The overnight low’s supposed to be around 10 F.  I guess I should just put on my snow shoes, likewise for the tripod, and just get out there.  But who has time?  Obviously some of my “friends” do; going to seminars, working with wonderfully unique processing techniques, building a new 20×24, and opening a gallery.  The stark landscape is fitting for my old PL100 emulsion, but still hesitate.  Time to dust off the ol’ Graphic.

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